Thursday, June 14, 2007

A new direction

Well, this morning I'm back down to 254.3, meaning that I've lost 3 whole pounds in two weeks. This is a good thing, because it means that the waterweight loss of the first few days has now become actual fat weight loss.

Now I have decided two things probably will work better: One -- I should weigh myself every day, because it keeps me on track. I know not to get too excited if I'm not losing every single day or if I'm up a little one day; that's normal and depends on what I've eaten two or three days previous. It's the general trend downwards that I'm looking for.

Two, I think I'm going to move towards the Atkins type of diet, or at least a diet that's mostly starch- and sugar-free. It won't hurt to knock off the rice, potatoes, white bread, and white sugar for a while. I can concentrate on the veggies, fruits, and reasonable amounts of meat instead.

To that end, I've packed a lunch that has leftover pork medallions from last night (sauteed in canola oil and drizzled with maple syrup--I know, but there's no reason to get all righteous. It's only about a teaspoonful. Besides, I like them that way) and a salad with a home-made light ranch dressing, and some grapes.

I have also discovered Spanx, sort of a control-top pantyhose without the legs. They are great, and let me wear summer dresses and sandals. A big thumbs-up.