Thursday, June 7, 2007

Skipping without Falling

I'm proud of myself. On Tuesday, I skipped dinner, and I didn't break down and eat everything in the fridge.

But I had help, in a way. That day, I was stuck in front of the computer for hours trying to figure out why it was politely declining to do what I asked it to do. No answer, only that annoying message informing me that it had "encountered a problem" and was going to shut down now.

My bladder filled, and my stomach growled, but I never moved. I wasn't going to let this thing beat me. I tried different tactics. Nothing worked. Finally at 2:30 I conceded that the thing had beat me after all, and dashed out to the nearest place.

It was a chinese restaurant, and I got chicken with green beans, which is their best offering. And it was good. It soothed the stress of having wasted so much time over that balky program.

Luckily, it was also tee-ball night, meaning that the boys were foraging for themselves. Not only did I have two whole, blessed hours to myself, but I could do anything I wanted. I could NOT eat, if I wanted. Glorious, glorious freedom.

So I didn't.

My computer at home was cooperative, the weather was fine, and all was right with my world. Don't get me wrong--life would hardly be worth the effort without the boys, but for short periods during the day it's nice to be free.