Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I am so aggravated, so ticked, teed, honked and pissed off, so annoyed, furious and generally frustrated that I want to strangle somebody. Preferably someone in the health care and/or insurance fields.
First of all, I was counting on this being a normal day, which of course it isn't--it's a snow day so my young son is ramping around the house. That means that everything I had planned for today is canceled.
Work is canceled--now I'll have to make up by working twice as many hours tomorrow.
My exercise was NOT canceled, because I brought my son with me, but it made the exercise a total pain and waste since I couldn't really work out--I had to spend half my time and energy shouting at him to stop as he trashed the workout place, imperiling his own life and limbs in the process.
Writing? Hah. No writing possible with this diminutive dervish whirling around. I can hear the thumps and screeches from above as I'm writing this, but since we're at home I'm resigned to a wrecked living room.
Plus, because the entire day tomorrow will be devoted to my part time job, there will be no writing tomorrow, either.
And just to add insult to the many paper-cut injuries that are currently bleeding me to death, I have been blithely informed that I will be taking medication three times a day now. Three times a day!
In the morning is the Synthroid, which has to be because it has to be taken on an empty stomach with a full glass of water. But it's hard on my poor empty stomach, so I can't take anything else.
At night I used to take the other pills--blood pressure medicine, high triglyceride medicine, allergy medicine, calcium, and calcitriol.
But now, I have to take anti-tuberculosis medicine too--don't take it with a meal, don't take it with calcium or other antacid, beware all the nasty side-effects. So the evening calcium is out.
I called the doc and said, now what am I going to do?
Of course, he being an experienced medical professional, said, "Take the calcium at lunch."
God almighty, save me from these persecutors, these bastards who are forcing me to take every goddamned pill ever invented! How the hell I ever wound up exposed to TB, for god's sake, I'll never know. But nine fucking months of this shit?? Monthly doctor visits, blood draws, pills every day?
I just seriously want to kill someone.
I'm very much afraid it's going to be me who gets killed, since I can already feel a stabbing pain in my right shoulder. of course, it's probably not a heart attack, but still.