Monday, September 22, 2008

One final note

P.S. I joined this women's workout center in February to help lose weight, then had to quit going because the temporary job I'd acquired made it impossible to get there on a regular basis--and by the time I'd finished the temporary job in June the place had gone out of business. C'est la guerre.

Arrgh! Already off-schedule

How can I already be so far away from my intended schedule when I'm not even one whole day into the week yet? This is crazy.

I was supposed to write this morning, but instead I worked on my part-time job. Now granted, the job involves the promise of payment much sooner than my writing will, but is this any way to run an army? I think not.

Well, if I can get over my procrastination (and adding posts to this blog is a form of procrastination) I have at least an hour to dedicate to writing.

Once I start, I love it. It's just getting that darn document open. Fear and loathing.

I'd better go.

43 Things, sort of

It looks like I should expand the purpose of this blog, and hopefully it will be more useful -- and encourage me to post more often.

Instead of being all about my weight loss (considering that I didn't lose any weight, and except for periodic self-flagellation on the subject I didn't really try), it should be about my goals in general.

For instance, here are some of the things I want to see in my life:

1. A fit, healthy body, off medication for various ailments.
2. A well-organized schedule for making the best use of my time.
3. Cut down on meat in diet.
4. Pilates, yoga, and walking for exercise.
5. Completed manuscripts.
6. A healthy bank account balance.
7. A spruced-up, attractive home.
8. Family members healthy and happy.

I need to get working on those things right away.


So my original goal was to lose all my extra weight by July 1, 2008, my 50th birthday.

And it didn't happen.

So now what?