Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Method and the Madness

It's not a really complex plan. That's good because I don't do well with rigid and complicated plans, anyway.
So what I'm doing is eating sensibly, trying to stay away from high-fat and high-sugar foods, and cutting out snacks and desserts. That's it for now.
I enter my meals into my Palm Pilot. The program keeps a tally of calories and charts whether I'm over or under a target calorie level for the day.
After I've been on this plan (I don't want to call it a diet--that feels too rigid) for a while, I'll add in some exercise. The blood pressure thing makes me reluctant to jump into an exercise program too fast. At least the medicine is reducing the swelling and the tinnitus.
What a drag it is, not being able to pull out all the stops and crank into a high-gear diet and exercise program right away!
On the other hand, I never stuck with those diet and exercise plans anyhow. Slow and steady will win this race. By July 1, 2008, I will be at a good fighting weight for me: 158 pounds. I'll take it one step at a time.