Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Diet? What diet?

All right, so it's the holidays and I'm not doing so well on the healthy-eating-and-controlling-calories (or carbs, or sweets, or fats).

I know that I am a spiritual being on a physical journey, and the Essential Me is perfect and whole. I know that my physical body is nothing more than precipitated thought, the residue of my ideas about myself, about my physical-plane understanding of what it means to be a 49-year-old female here and now. I know that if I had complete and utter faith in the Universe, I could think my body into perfection. I would simply believe that I maintain my perfect weight and it would be so.

But knowing ain't believing. And I love all the cookies and cakes and treats of the season, all the excuses to enjoy and indulge, to set aside everything that is the least bit difficult and just wallow in pleasure. And I am an A-One sybarite, an abandoned hedonist, and boy, do I know how to wallow.

I had a great day today. I went shopping for gifts, then--guiltily knowing that I should return home to a meager meal of scrounged leftovers hastily consumed before I placed my nose firmly against the grindstone--I turned my homeward-bound car around and took myself to a Chinese food place, pulled out the new paperback I was dying to read, and ate potstickers and orange chicken (no veggies! hah! how about that for decadence?) while I plunged into a world of alien mystery and romance. It was divine.

Right before I headed home, I made a flying visit to my favorite gourmet cookie shop for two double-chocolate chip cookies lavished with pink peppermint frosting, and a devil's food cupcake topped with more peppermint frosting for later. At home, I totally ignored the grindstone and turned on the christmas tree lights. I sat in my favorite chair, right next to the tree, and finished my book.

A glass of milk, a treat of chocolate, and a book that wows/ beside the sparkling tree/were Paradise enow (My apologies to Omar Khayyam)

So my work is undone, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself.