Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The days rush by, the weight hangs on

Well, I accidentally got on the scale a couple of days ago and get this--I weighed exactly what I weighed when I first started this blog. Sigh.

I suppose in a way that's not too bad, considering the holidays were one long and joyful food-fest and the month of January has evidently been chosen by my body as the time for one loooong period, with all the concomitant hormone fluctuations, emotional disorders, bloatedness, and chocolate cravings. C'mon, menopause.

One of my favorite bloggers has started a 30-day raw food diet (DH asked, "So how's the raw chicken working for him?") and I admire and envy his self-discipline. All veggies and fruits, nothing processed at all--except for juicing--so even though he's usually a vegan a large portion of his diet has been curtailed. I think it sounds dreadful.

Dreadful on the tongue, that is. I can imagine how good it must feel to his body. I am still trying to get my head into the place where I can cut out the truly unnecessary food items from my diet, and my head is stubbornly still stuck in the self-indulgence zone.

So, I downloaded the free EFT manual. EFT istands for "Emotional Freedom Techniques" and it's a system of affirmations and an accupressure-like series of taps that is supposed to help a person overcome all kinds of conditions., if you're interested.

I actually tried it out on DS yesterday. He's been terrified to put his face in the water, which has thrown a major roadblock in the way of progress in his swimming lessons. But I tapped on him in the prescribed places, and whispered, "Even though I am afraid to put my face in the water, I'm still an awesome kid," over and over.

Amazingly, it worked--he did it! He was a lot braver this time around, got his hair wet and managed to get wet up to the eyebrows. I mean, he's not Flipper or anything yet, but it's a big stride forward.

So maybe I'll try the EFT on me, trying to get my head in the right place for both exercise and diet. I'd really like to cut down on our meat intake, eliminate the sugars and desserts, and introduce a morning exercise program. heck, the EFT doesn't hurt, and since I'm here in the basement it's not like anyone will notice me acting silly.