Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The first day

So far, so good.
I was going to have my DH take a picture of me to put on the site, but we'll just let that go for a while.
I've been good today--good for me, that is. A reasonable breakfast, a salad for lunch, and all food written down in my Palm Pilot's Diet and Exercise Assistant, which I got online from
The only bad part is having to figure out the nutritional values for the things I eat, which involves looking up dozens of ingredients, adding up the values for calories, carbs, protein, fat, and fiber, dividing into portion sizes, and finally saying "the hell with it" and making up a ballpark number in the different categories.
It helps to remember why I'm doing this.
I started this whole thing because I couldn't stand the swollen ankles, the tension headaches, the ringing in my ears, and the sweat oozing out of my pores every time I so much as moved. I couldn't stand the matronly clothing. I wanted to wear high heels again.
I'm making a promise that I will wear high heels on my 50th birthday.