Monday, June 11, 2007

Better, now

Okay, I'm over the funk of yesterday. Actually, things aren't so bad--I went to a day-long seminar on Saturday, and didn't eat the hotel's dessert. That's worthy of a pat on the back, because the choices were chocolate cake or red velvet cake, both of which looked yummy. Reports from other seminar attendees confirmed the yumminess, but I still didn't eat one.

I haven't weighed myself lately, but I don't think I'm in such bad shape. I'm trying to change the accumulated habits of 7 years' duration, so I need to go easy on myself. Although I do still need to figure out how to get some exercise into my day. Or maybe how to increase the day to, say, 27 hours. That would be perfect.

Where is Hermione's little time-turner when you need it?

What has helped has been reading Wayne Dyer's The Power of Intention. I haven't read or watched The Secret yet, but I think this book is probably better suited to me. I'm learning, bit by bit, to trust that God has a plan for me and that everything will be all right. So when I get all upset about the crises that seem to be rushing toward me, I remind myself that nothing bad has happened yet, and that change is inevitable. Even maybe it is for the best.

Here is my ideal day: I get up at 5:30 and put on some comfy outdoor clothes and go for a short walk around the neighborhood. As I get better at it, I'll be jogging and then running around the neighborhood. Then I come back and take a shower, breakfast, and get DS up for his day. Once he and DH are fed, DH leaves for work and I get DS off to his activities for the day. Maybe on Friday he stays home and the two of us spend the day together. I do about an hour of gardening, maybe, and then go downstairs to write. Then I get a quick lunch, make some phone calls if necessary, and go back to writing until about 3:00, when I go pick up DS.

DS may have some after-school activities, and then we get home at 5:30ish and I make dinner. We can eat about 6:30, which means bath and bedtime is early and I can sit for an hour with DH before bedtime at 10:00 pm.

Now that would be a well-spent day. Time enough to sleep, time to exercise, time to write, time to spend with my boys.