Saturday, June 9, 2007

Sliding down the slippery slope

I'm slipping, I'm sliding, I'm falling off the weight-loss bandwagon. How quickly we forget! PMS struck in a big way, turning me paranoid and spiking a craving for chocolate.

Now, I knew what was going on. As my mood became darker and darker, I realized that there was no genuine reason for the funk. It was all a hormone-induced illusion, including the craving for candy. But I still felt bad. Poor me, I thought, here I am imagining doom and disaster when really everything is no worse than usual. I need to treat myself gently, tenderly...I need chocolate!

It's got me coming and going.

DH believes that there's a link between a woman's menstrual cycle, her craving for chocolate and the iron in her blood. There might be something to that. Although high in fat and calories, chocolate candy is also extremely high in iron.

I asked a nutritionist about this, and she adamantly declared that it wasn't true. When I insisted we look it up in the book, it turned out that chocolate IS, in fact, iron-rich, even more so than spinach, and ounce for ounce equal to the iron content of beef.

So he may have something there. I also crave red meat this time of month. Instead of getting a salad at McDonald's, I fell back to my default order of a cheeseless burger and fries. Today, at my all-day workshop, I made myself a roast beef sandwich.

None of this stuff ever tastes as good as I hope it will. And it especially doesn't taste good without extra salt, which was the one good-eating practice that I did follow. I didn't put salt on anything.

One of these days, I'm going to taste something that doesn't measure up to what I hoped it would be, and I'll stop eating it. Just like that. Why buy the calories if it's not worth the price?