Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Wow, has it really been that long? I left my job and have been trying to put together a new career, juggle errands and family activities and things I've been wanting to do for so long, and all this time....I haven't given a thought to my weight loss efforts.

Well, okay, I have given it a couple of thoughts. I took a walk just this morning as part of my desultory effort to include exercise in my daily regimen. But how do I make it consistent? These days there's nothing I do consistently every day, so it's as hard to introduce a new element now as it was when my schedule was set in stone.

I know, I know, if you love it you will make time for it. I don't love it, but I have to do it or else I will feel terrible. It's difficult.

And The Secret has let me down-- I've been thinking positive and not worrying about my weight, and I'm pretty sure that no weight loss has happened yet.

What they don't tell you in The Secret is that in order to lose weight, you have to set up a weight-loss system and THEN not think about it. You can't eat the way you'e always eaten and still lose weight, I guess. I'm feeling a little disgruntled about that, I can tell you.

You have to be the kind of person who doesn't eat the wrong things (at least not regularly), who doesn't eat too much, who does exercise regularly, and whose entire lifestyle is geared toward optimum health.

Well, maybe I'll get it right this time.