Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Rant about mail-order prescriptions

I just spent two solid hours trying to sign up to get my blood-pressure medicine through the mail. You have to register a million places, decline to accept their repeated offers of free newsletters and e-zines, and remember which company (because the medical insurance people don't do prescriptions, and the prescription plan doesn't mail prescriptions, and the actual drugstore is somebody else) I repeat, remember which company takes which member number and group ID number and user name and password, because they're all different.

One bunch of morons refused to accept my chosen password, insisting that it had to be a combination of letters and numbers. My password WAS a combination of letters and numbers, but all the letters came first and numbers second. These idiots wanted the numbers and letters to be mixed together, so that the password was something that you'd never in your life be able to remember and would have to write down somewhere, thereby defeating the security purpose of the whole damned system.

Then you have to wait.

I was ready to strangle someone by the time I was done--not good for the ol' blood pressure.

You know, I completely understand why older people get upset with these prescription plans. Their byzantine rules and impenetrable procedures, their incomprehensible policies and the total overwhelming sense of futility and aggravation that assails you when you try to do the simplest task would bring anyone to the inexorable conclusion that it's far, far easier to forget about the drugs and just die.