Monday, July 9, 2007

I've been reading Ask and It Is Given, which is about the Law of Attraction. Today's quote is about how you can't keep re-creating in your mind the way things are now, because you'll never change. You have to begin vibrating at a little different level to get things to change.

Well, I had a doctor's appointment today, and my blood pressure was down to a serene 110/76. I'd even lost four pounds from my last visit according to the doctor's evil scale, which always seems to weigh me 7 or 8 pounds more than any other scale in the Universe.

So here is me, a month later. I haven't actually changed in weight so much as had a flattering outfit on and DH did a good job on the photo (except for the thumb in the way, but hey, nobody's perfect).

Honestly, that top is mega-flattering, and it's really just a couple of scarves stitched together, with a line of stitches from hip to armpit to make the sleeves. I don't know why Lane Bryant didn't corner the market on those things. I get compliments all the time, and it's the illusion of the deep-V hem that makes all the difference.

And yet--I don't think I look that bad here. I can clearly see the curves under the padding. This picture helps me remember what I looked like in '92 when I was at my best fighting weight.