Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fall is in the air

The hummingbirds have flown away--or gone into hibernation--and the yellow leaves are piling up on the ground. Where did the year go?

Back in 2001, my mind boggled at the thought of 2008. What would my life be like? Would I be really old? How would I handle turning 50? My baby would be in elementary school. (Not pleasant being old enough to have parented the moms of his classmates, but what can you do?)

Now here it is, and I look back in amazement at my innocent wondering. I'm not quite where I hope to be--the mountaintop is still pretty far away--but it's closer than it was.

Here's what I'm aiming for:

1. Writing and selling best-selling novels
2. Regular exercise and good health
3. Fixed-up house, with someone to clean it for me (that's why the books have to be best-sellers)
4. Happy family: healthy husband, thriving son.

I've got some optional goals, too: visit England, take a really nice vacation, see a Broadway show, go to an Ohio Light Opera performance of Gilbert and Sullivan, have access to Gilbert and Sullivan's papers.