Friday, June 1, 2007

Darn it, I forgot my crutch

Aaugh! I left my Palm Pilot at home hooked up to its charger, and as a result I have been reduced to writing down my food intake on a piece of paper. How primitive.

My life is too busy right now, and of course I would choose to begin such a huge weight-loss project right when everything is spiraling out of control--the income-producing job looks shaky, the novel-writing career is too new to bring in any cash, my health is precarious--it's a damn good thing that I have a loving DH and an adorable son. They are the lights of my life.

The Palm Pilot is an excellent crutch, though, in terms of keeping track. Writing down the daily food intake keeps the choices you make right in front of you, rather than allowing you to conveniently forget that you ate much more than you should have.

Today, breakfast was a blueberry-streusel muffin (yum), orange-flavored prunes and Starbuck's no-fat, no-whip peppermint mocha, Venti-sized--well, I'm a little short on sleep these days, and I needed a boost.

Lunch will be California-style baked beans, barbecued tri-tip steak (no barbecue sauce in this recipe--just a garlicky marinade that is simply to die for) and cherry tomatoes because I ran out of fresh salsa.

Hey, I never said I'd eat diet food on this diet. I hate that stuff, and I love to cook. Every prepared food on the list (except the Starbuck's) was home-made by me. For the moment, I'm going to eat this way and see if I lose any weight. I've cut out the late-night desserts and the between-meal snacks, and I'm choosing healthy food, not junk.

One step at a time.